Thursday, June 10, 2010

I recently just had a conversation with my friend about morals, racism, and Christianity. It had become evident that we both were EXTREMELY DIFFRENT. And was raised DIFFRENTLY. After we finished talking I reflected back and wrote what I wished she would understand.

Here it is I guess...

Life is just too, too short. And I'm not just going to sit back and watch as the world, and MY LIFE passes me by. I'm going to live my life to the fullest. Now, lots of people say this. What do they really mean? Living my life is me not caring and not even worrying or thinking about useless drama. Sorry ladies who cause it, I'm not giving into your stupid little games. It's not a game anymore. And I'm not going to take part in it.
I'm going to live by my CHRISTIAN MORALS. And NO ONE is going to change that. You got a problem with me? Sorry, deal with it. You don't have to be my friend. You think I'm annoying? You don’t have to hang out with me. Don't disrespect me and I won't disrespect you. Even if I don't like you I'm still going to respect you even if you don't deserve that.
You don't judge me, I won't judge you. I'm the type of person who likes everyone until they give me a reason not to like them. And if I do something that you don't like, confront me about it and don't go around running your mouth to everyone. Come to me and say what you need to say to me. I wasn't raised to judge people when they haven't done anything to me, that’s just not me. And if that's you, then I feel really sorry for you and I pray that God opens up your heart.
Another thing I can't stand is how people will judge you over something STUPID like THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN! (Mainly toward blacks and whites...) I just think that is ridiculous. Who cares if your skin color may be darker than mine?! People present themselves and come across a certain way to people and I think that has NOTHING to do with skin color. I mean honestly, the people who are racist seriously just need to get a life. I understand, some people have a racist family and they are raised like that and some people can't help it if they feel that way, but still, if you have strong feelings toward one race then KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF! At least have some courtesy and RESPECT and don't say anything to their face. And if you do wind up running your mouth, don’t get mad when they get mad. You called it upon yourself. You never know who is standing around you. Now, yall all know I am white, so I do have more white friends than black, JUST BY COINCIDENCE though I promise you. I cannot tell you how many times I've been standing around a group of my friends and they make a racist comment or joke. And I admit, I'm kind of a hypocrite because I don't stick up for my black friends during this time. I should, we all should actually. What am I supposed to do in that situation? What I should have done, which is speak up. But I didn't and I regret that.
But the opposite side has some blame as well... A lot of black people are also racist toward white people and they accuse us of being racist toward them. (And I use the example of whites and blacks because #1, I think it's the most common, and #2 it's the only one that I have actually experienced) That makes us mad, especially in my case where I'm actually NOT racist. And if we cant call you a nigger, you shouldn't call us a cracker. RESPECT for RESPECT.
Seeing a pattern??? It all comes back to the same thing RESPECT!!
Another thing, there is a thing called "labeling" or "stereotyping". A PET PEEVE OF MINE. And yes, I have many... I'm my own person and I refused to be labeled or put into a category. An example of some categories you would put me in is probably PREPPY or a CHRISTIAN. Okay, so the way I dress and whom I hang out with shouldn't be important at all. That's how people label "preps" right? Instead, people should focus on more important things like your personality. And yes, I am a Christian. *DUN DUN DUN* right? It's like when I walk down the halls people whisper, "Oh no, here comes the Jesus freak. Better watch out or she'll shove the bible down your throat!" THIS IS SO NOT TRUE! I'm not like that at all. Stereotypically, I'm supposed to be some holy saint who is perfect and never sins, I think I'm better than everyone else, and if your not a Christian then I can't talk to you, sit by you, think about you, or be within a five foot radius of you cause OMG you're going to HELL! Um...NOT EXACTLY! In fact, this is the exact opposite.
I'm nowhere near perfect, and I'll be the first one to tell you that. I make mistakes, like everyone does. And I'm just as good as everyone else. Guess what? I EVEN JUDGE OTHER PEOPLE!!! *Gasp!!! * "Well then you must not be a REAL Christian, Rachel!" Again, NOT TRUE! See God had a special little thing called FORGIVENESS. And he's had to forgive me more than you even know. Trust me!
And if you're an atheist or still undecided, then that’s okay. I think God will somehow open your eyes in his own way. And if you happen to have any questions or want to talk to me about religion that is perfectly okay! Feel free. But I'm also not going to shove Christianity down your throat at the same time. I think that's wrong and I'm totally not going to do that to you. If you RESPECT (there’s that word again...) my beliefs ill do the same with yours, even if we both don't agree on them.

But the point I'm trying to get across is that I'm not perfect, and I'm not a perfect Christian. And I don't care, who you are, where you're from, or what your beliefs are, RESPECT for RESPECT! Don't cha think that if everybody in the WHOLE WORLD respected each other, wouldn't the world be such a better place?

Checklist For Life

Breathe easy. Laugh hard. Smile more. Rest only when really tired. Tire only after exercise. Be patient with parents. Be a parent with patience. Try harder. Don't push. Run faster. Enjoy the view. Do a star jump. Look up when you're feeling down. Look down when you've been shown up. Say sorry. Forgive. Express yourself eloquently. Don't be pretentious. Go for a rock jol. Sweat. Get in the ocean as often as possible. Recycle. Floss. Make a bucket list. Sing in the shower. Remember you're still young. Call up old friends more often. Encourage others. Less TV. More books. Get creative. Take a drive to the mountains. Climb something. Go white water rafting. Jump off something. Keep arrangements. Cancel flaking out. Don't judge. Be a good judge of character. Scream. Have the courage of your convictions. Remember you're not always right. Lie still. Show love. Hide anger. Kiss your lover hello. Kiss your lover goodnight. Kick something. Find new music and spread the word. Remember peoples' names. Do your best. Losing is someone elses' win. Enjoy the small things. Smoke less. Burn bright. Finish what you start. No when to quit. Eat healthy. Live it up. Help someone who needs it. Help yourself. Share your sandwiches. Save for a rainy day. Splash out on yourself every now and then. Stay home more. Hit the town when it deserves it. Remember it's just a ride. :))