Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Things!

Thanks the Lord! So guys, how did yall do? I think I did awesome! I hope yall did too! :)

MyHotComments.com <<---- I think that's how we were all dancing after MCT week was over. HA! But anyways! Haha! So....SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! AGGHHH!!! I cant wait!!! LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, get out your sun glasses and swimming clothes! Cause Summer 2010 is gonna be CRAZY!! Get ready for the ENDLESS DAYS and SLEEPLESS NIGHTS! Im ready for it! What about yall!

MyHotComments.com MyHotComments.com

The things I LOVE LOVE LOVE about summer is shopping, swimming, no SCHOOL!, the time with friends and family, and the traveling! Me and Box are going to NYC! And me myself is also going to camp and everything! Its gonna be amazing and I am way beyond excited!

So what are your favorite things about summer! Let us know!
Until next time!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

He is jealous for me, loves like a hurricane i am a tree..

So much is coming up . This missions trip is going to be life changing to the people we minister to as well as ourselves. We will see peoples lives being changed but we will also see the many other religions and culturs these people may have lived their entire lives. We are praying that God will open their hearts so they have an open mind to what we have to say. We are praying God will speak through us and we touch the hearts of those who really need it. For all of you who read mine and Rachels blog, please pray for us. This will be on of the most intimidating mission trips because of the diversity of the people and how many different culturs their are. Pray that we have the wisdom to know exactly what we need to say to each of these different people to reach them.