Friday, April 9, 2010


Hey guys!!! Whats up yall???

This is Rachel Combs!!

Hope yall had a fabulous SPRING BREAK!!!!

Mine was wonderful! I made $50 haha (big money!!!)

But anyways! There is a dance comin up and OMG my dress is GORGOUS!

Its PURPLE! Lol!! And strapless and comes to my knees! SUPER CUTE!

(Info on some school events are on the last blog... Thanks to Boxx!) We have been trying to update this as much as possible. If u have any suggestions on what we shuld write about just send us a message or comment on here! WE NEED UR SUPPORT!!!

Well me and Rachel both need your prayers! We are going to NYC and we have to raise $950 dollars!!! So just keep us in your prayers and wish us luck!

We are also joining our WORSHIP TEAM at our church! Its AMAZING! I cant wait to share my love of God with other ppl thru singing!

So as u know we started making this BLOG as a Advice Help and Peerpressure Blog but Im thinking it could just be EVERYTHING! We will still take ur questions and give you advice but we are also gonna be putting up updates and info on thiungs that are happening in our EVERYDAY LIFE! That sounds cool 2 me!

We need your HELP! Tell your friends about our blog! And comment, give us suggestions, and follow us! Add us on Facebook and Myspace! And do everything you can to help us out! Thanks yall we would really appreciate it!

Me and Box are gonna start trying to put up videos and stuff..we might write skits, sing songs, play our guitars, introduce you to our friends, film things happening at our skool, and any other suggestions or ideas that come to us! So we will put up info on here about our YOUTUBE page and so u can subscribe to us on there and we are also going to be updating that stuff on our Facebooks, Myspaces, Myyearbooks (etc...)

Yall, me and Boxx are super serious about this blog and we put alot of hardwork and thinking into it. We want ppl 2 read it cuz we feel that it is going 2 help yu and maybe just put a smile on ur face!

Some people has suggested putting MUSIC, MOVIES, and BOOK reviews on here! But if you have ANYTHING let us know!!!

Well im gonna go! I'll update soon! Love yall! And have an amazing weekend!! (Im going out of town! WHOO!) HaHa! Well ttyl!



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

hey guys! so.. heres the update:
*8th grade prom/formal(watever) is moved to may 8th.NOT MAY 1ST.*
*Im not for certain the exact date for the 5k run but i will post it asap. i am guessing April16.
*There will be a football game 7th pd. Friday. money shld best be turned in on Thursday April 8.
*Girls basketball and Vollyball tryouts./clinic is coming up. will get exact date asap.
kay so there are the updates!
So whats been goin on..
Got my wisdom teeth surgically removed last tuesday and still hurtin D: Me antasea twaddle, and ana all got our prom dresses April 3! (ana didnt find one) Mine is blue Rachel black and antasea brown. They`re all friggin gorgeous.
So im suposed to be doing loads of homework(and an essayD: ) but i dont feel like it.
I need some friggin batteries cuz ima start making a lot of videos and my camera uses themm so fast. i Will post my newest video as soom as i make it. I will also be trying to make a music video(as hard as that sounds..) and also need some requests in songs because i will be singing and playing them on my guitar and if you request it i might do it!
well thats all for now.

Boxx hehe random--->>>>>


Justin Bieber slideshow!!!!

hey guys! i was bored so i made yall a Justin Bieber slideshow!!! ENJOY!
ohh ya p.s. uhm just ignore the music.. ii was tryin to get baby on there and itt messed up!