Wednesday, April 7, 2010

hey guys! so.. heres the update:
*8th grade prom/formal(watever) is moved to may 8th.NOT MAY 1ST.*
*Im not for certain the exact date for the 5k run but i will post it asap. i am guessing April16.
*There will be a football game 7th pd. Friday. money shld best be turned in on Thursday April 8.
*Girls basketball and Vollyball tryouts./clinic is coming up. will get exact date asap.
kay so there are the updates!
So whats been goin on..
Got my wisdom teeth surgically removed last tuesday and still hurtin D: Me antasea twaddle, and ana all got our prom dresses April 3! (ana didnt find one) Mine is blue Rachel black and antasea brown. They`re all friggin gorgeous.
So im suposed to be doing loads of homework(and an essayD: ) but i dont feel like it.
I need some friggin batteries cuz ima start making a lot of videos and my camera uses themm so fast. i Will post my newest video as soom as i make it. I will also be trying to make a music video(as hard as that sounds..) and also need some requests in songs because i will be singing and playing them on my guitar and if you request it i might do it!
well thats all for now.

Boxx hehe random--->>>>>


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