Monday, February 22, 2010


Hey! Its Honey Combs!!! Or Rachel. Anyways. Haven't posted a new entry in forever and we would like to apologize. Life has been so hectic lately. Like my bf Kevin is no longer. Ugh its terrible. We ended it so wrongly. He basically cheated on me with my bff. Or so I thought bff. Wierd how Rachel Box put up tht post a couple weeks ago and then all this stuff happened 2 me. Ugh. I mean it wasnt even the fact tht she stole my bf that made me mad and sad. It was the fact tht she actually would do tht 2 me. She also spread some really personal stuff around school about me. I would have never done tht 2 her and I cant believe she did. Just goes to prove tht you can never really fully trust anyone. Especially with special secrets tht you want to be kept to yourself. Life sometimes gets hard but we have to learn to get through it and not let it get us down. And plus school is bleh. As you probably know. HaHa. Anyways... Well peace and love to everyone. God bless and I hope you have a great day.

--R@C#3L COMB$!!!!

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