Wednesday, June 2, 2010

woo hoo!!! summer is finally here!! I thought i was gonna die!! well hows everyones summer goin so far?? mines goin really well(: i went tent camping for the first time on sunday and met some really cool people. Might be going next weekend too!!Next time we`ll bring our 2 golden retrievers. Yall should come up there! Its sardis lake and sleepy bend hollow.
So the 662 is having our carwash fundraiser this saturday!! there will be three locations. The one i will be working at will be the shnucks gas station on goodman and im not sure which one combs will be working at. we need all of you to come get ur cars washed!!!! or come and help out. but most of alll tell people about our carwash(:
So thats about it for now. oh ya happy (late) memorials day.!!!

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