Sunday, April 11, 2010

Were baptist,,, and we eat!!

So...I am going to tell yall this story that happened today. Its kind of an "In the moment" thing but it could stilll be funny, and i was dying for an idea for a blog post. So...After church today my mom decided we would go to cici`s~pizza, yumm!! I mean who doesn`t love pizza.. well apparently not this bunch we sat next to.
[ Oh ya ~btw~ i was just making an obbservation that judgy people are extremely annoying.]

They went on for a half an hour about how "This girls skirt hit right above her knees". (And many other things)
Well our tables end up making conversation and all they could go on about was how much they LOVED TO EAT. no joke. mom says~us redneck baptist love buffets, come to them and clear them out. Dughter then tells a joke to my mom.. She says this school teacher tells her students to bring something from their religion. The Catholic brings a cross the christian brings a bible and John the baptist brings a CASSEROLE!!!!

well as i said this is an in the moment thing but i almost died in that small pizza building.
So ya the story of my life: = i have amazingly BAD luck:D

[ps: this post isnt meant to offend anyone(: just telling a funny story that happened to me]

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