Tuesday, May 25, 2010

School is Over Summer is Finally Here!

Well today is officially the last day of school for me and Rachel, too bad we have to spend it taking stupid exams. Ugh shoot myself in the face! Haha! :) So the school year has gone by pretty fast and I'm just surprised its over. That's crazy.
High School...wow! We're moving up I guess. Pretty soon (well in 4 years), we'll be graduating and heading to college. WHAT?! Haha! My mom is freaking out..
Right now I'm just looking back at the whole year. Lots of things I wish I can go back and change but can't. And lots of "friends" I lost as well. Well what I say about the people that you lost, is they just don't deserve to be in you're life anyways. And if you y'all were really meant to be friends then you will get them back.
Just trying to hold my head up through all these changes and not get down.
So look back on your year, did you live it to the best? Did you make the right decisions? Anything you want to change or regret? I hope not too many things but I think we all have those moments in our life. I think I have made both good and bad decisions this year and ev
ery one I made I have learned from. I love the quote below. :))))

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So in about two weeks I start my job. I'm working for my mom. OMG! I get $250 a week. Which isn't much, but trust me I'm so broke that it is PERFECT! I really recommend getting a summertime job. I mean I know working is the last thing you probably want to do during the summer but it really benefits to your whole summer. :) I'm excited about it!
Just focus on YOUR life this summer and getting it to where you want it to be. Ignore the drama and just LIVE IT UP! Life is about trusting our feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating memories and learning from your past. NEVER FORGET THAT! I hope y'all have a wonderful summer and maybe learn some new things! Why not?!

Well I'm gonna go but until next time! PEACE && LOVE!!!
Just some pics and quotes that I love!

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<span class= <<<---- I love love love <3 This quote!

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